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Light Bulb Friday


Was watching the movie, “Evan Almighty” and heard “God” Morgan Freeman ask Evan (Steve Carrell), “How do you change the world? With acts of Random Kindness”.He then spells A.R.K. in the sand. Got me thinking that the biblical Noah and his ark must be a representation of just that: Acts of Random Kindness. And oh, how the pressure eases when you realise that you need not do the literally earth shaking moves…small random acts also have a ripple effect. And one of those small acts is also responsibility towards the family fun…so often, in our roles as “providers”and “care-givers”, we forget to be fun, have fun and do fun:). We forget that change has to start at home, within us. Let’s start by adding some positivity to all of the world. So like God says, “Thou shalt do the dance”!!! C’mon! One two three start! Spread the joy.

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