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Light Bulb Moments

Light Bulb Moment: Ditch Plan B

There comes a time in our lives when we have no option but to jump off that cliff we are standing on. My trip to Pangong Lake brought back this to me in full force: we took a faster road to reach the Lake, but man, what a road it was: unformed, rough, and at points, there was no road. It taught me that sometimes, when we need to move in to faster change, we may need to go through paths that may not be easy, and sometimes forge our own paths, but as soon as you give up thoughts […]

Light Bulb Friday

Was watching the movie, “Evan Almighty” and heard “God” Morgan Freeman ask Evan (Steve Carrell), “How do you change the world? With acts of Random Kindness”.He then spells A.R.K. in the sand. Got me thinking that the biblical Noah and his ark must be a representation of just that: Acts of Random Kindness. And oh, how the pressure eases when you realise that you need not do the literally earth shaking moves…small random acts also have a ripple effect. And one of those small acts is also responsibility towards the family fun…so often, in our roles as “providers”and “care-givers”, we […]

Light Bulb Wednesdays

When we focus on darkness, we never find the light! Just remembered this important lesson taught by Father Hughes in school. He went to the black board and put a white dot with the chalk. And then asked us,” what do you see?”. What do you think we saw…the white dot, of course. And we completely missed the big black board. Realized we often do that with the various issues in our life too. We are so focused on what’s wrong , that we miss the many things that may be right! No solution is ever found in over thinking […]

Light Bulb Wednesday

  Two words I am…and how much it reveals about what we believe of ourselves.  I am nothing…I am a burden…I am lazy…Be careful what you add after “I am” because that’s what you become. So let’s try some positive words. I am intelligent I am empathetic I am funny. What can you add today?