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My Money Story

“If given a choice between money and sex appeal,take money. As you grow older, money becomes your sex appeal.”
Katherine Hepburn spoke in jest…but think about it. Money is one of the two things we think about the most – the other is love & relationships.
This 21-day whatsapp workshop seeks to challenge all you know about money. It challenges the stories you have been telling yourself, the stories that you have been living in and the stories you need to get rid off.
This workshop will explore all the lies you have told yourself and will share timeless ageless tools and techniques to help you understand money, save more money & learn better habits.
Remember making money is a habit. Spending money is a habit. Whining and complaining about money is a habit….and all these habits need to be addressed.
Join us to challenge your money beliefs and learn how you can change your story. Starts September 30, 2016.

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